Barnett’s Ten Laws of Marketing

Ever since I inscribed Barnett’s Ten Laws of Sales in stone on my blog, I’ve gotten requests for Barnett’s Ten Laws of Marketing. After much anticipation, here are my alleged marketing laws. Take a look and send me your ideas, reaction and suggestions!

  1. The net value a marketing vendor adds should be calculated as the contribution they make to their client’s business divided by the amount of their client’s time they consume with meetings and homework.

  2. 30 minutes should be the default duration for all meetings, except lunches and annual reviews.

  3. Unless you are already IBM or AT&T, you should NEVER abbreviate your company or product brand names.

  4. Unless you are already Apple or McDonalds, your company and product brand names should have mean SOMETHING to your audience on first impression.

  5. If you change your marketing messaging every month, then your company’s reach and frequency are always at zero.

  6. SEO and paid search are like surgery – they should be handled only by trained professionals. Check out Neon Ambition, a partner of ours, for more information.

  7. Social media are important, but only LinkedIn and Twitter are worthwhile for B2B marketing.

  8. If email is not working for you for lead gen, that invariably indicates you are doing it poorly and should outsource it immediately.

  9. Marketing team members at all levels should always be client facing / customer facing and never constrained to back office supporting roles.

  10. All trade show marketing should be governed by the Six P’s: Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance.