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The Top 5 Reasons Your B2B Emails Aren’t Working

Why your B2B lead gen emails may not be working…   1) You’re not sending enough emails 😱 One common mistake in B2B lead generation via email is underestimating the importance of regular, consistent outreach. Some folks may think that email marketing is outdated or ineffective, but this is a crucial misunderstanding. In today’s environment, […]

How To Create an Effective B2B Social Media Strategy

In our digitally focused world, a good social media presence is essential for any business. Scouring the internet for advice, however, may leave you feeling quite overwhelmed. Everyone — and their mom, too — claims to know the keys to social media success or the next big “viral” trend. Looking for a little guidance to […]


The Sales Revenue Planning Worksheet You’ve Been Asking For

A while back, a client approached me wanting step-by-step help with annual revenue planning and matching marketing activity to goals. “Sure, I’ll send you some bullets on how to do that!” I said. But there’s a little more to it than that, right? Needless to say, this conversation presented a need that called for a […]