GREAT MOMENTS in #MWC Barcelona History

As we near #mwc2020, we’re starting a short series called “GREAT MOMENTS in MWC Barcelona History.”

Our first great moment is early 2014, when EyeVerify partnered with AirWatch to announce that Eyeprint ID was integrated into the AirWatch mobile device management tech stack.

This moment was great because we had an amazing booth location at the center of the busiest intersection in the most popular hall, with Qualcomm, Intel and Cisco booths adjacent to our space on the front corner of the AirWatch booth. So we had an incredible tally of business cards and leads.

To put that year 2014 into perspective:

In 2014, 12 Years a Slave directed by Steve McQueen won Best Picture.  Happy by Pharrell Williams and Dark Horse by Katy Perry were the most popular songs. The biggest tech and IT disaster of the year was the meltdown launch of healthcare.gov. Apple had recently released the iPhone 5s and Samsung announced the launch of its Galaxy S5 and wearable Galaxy Gear.