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FiredUp KC <> Barnett Strategies Highlight Reel

  How to convert a lead into a sale: knowing your audience and asking for a commitment that makes sense   Chris: Today is now and I need this meeting next week and what do I do. There’s a couple of simple little things that are gonna sound like they are obvious table stakes that […]


New! Growth Strategies Workshop!

New Workshop format introduced by Barnett Strategies gives new companies, new products, and new initiatives access to earlier and faster growth results. We’re calling it the Growth Results Workshop. Three years into enabling bigger faster growth for entrepreneurs, Barnett Strategies has expanded our program format. The target audience for the Growth Results Workshop are seed […]


Begin with the End in Mind Tech Startup Edition

            Transcript: Hey everybody Chris Barnett here from Barnett Strategies, as some of you may know our mission is to help founders and entrepreneurs grow their business through better marketing and sales strategies and execution. Today we’re going to talk about a topic I believe in, and that is the […]


The Barnett “Success Checklist” for Tech Startups

Prior to the founding of Barnett Strategies LLC, I spent about 15 years leading marketing and sales teams in high growth, high tech companies. As I finished my post acquisition wrap-up at EyeVerify, which was acquired in Sept 2016 by Alipay (Ant Financial / Alibaba Group), I realized that it might be useful to pause […]

The Magical To-Do List Thought Experiment

Once a year, I write a post that is intended to be more inspirational and thought-provoking than our typical Barnett Strategies, enterprise sales and marketing blogs. So here it is for 2020 This is a thought experiment that I’d love to see readers actually try. Most especially, please add your comments below with your feedback. […]


GREAT MOMENTS in #MWC Barcelona History

As we near #mwc2020, we’re starting a short series called “GREAT MOMENTS in MWC Barcelona History.” Our first great moment is early 2014, when EyeVerify partnered with AirWatch to announce that Eyeprint ID was integrated into the AirWatch mobile device management tech stack. This moment was great because we had an amazing booth location at […]

“Get Me More Qualified Sales Leads – ASAP!!!” Said by every entrepreneur, every sales leader and every sales person. Every week.

For more than fifteen years as a salesperson and sales executive in the software / high tech industry, I worked on every aspect of the lead gen and sales cycle. Hundreds of deals, tens of millions of dollars in revenue. In my experience, the number one performance driver was always effectively generating qualified leads. Sure, […]

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Case Study – Market Penetration Results Lead to Attractive Exit

AI Language Processing Innovator Giant Otter LLC based in Cambridge MA calls on Barnett Strategies to turn ground SaaS chatbot code into customer cash With an innovative, AI-powered chatbot platform, Giant Otter offered an example of revolutionary technology. But while their product may have broken ground, breaking through and into the market was another issue. […]

Seeing Results: The Barnett Growth Quadrants

  Technology and software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies often come to us when they haven’t fully realized growth on their own. We survey the situation with a model that lays out their marketing spend versus the size of revenue results they’ve seen. We call this matrixed approach the Barnett Growth Quadrants: Big budget, big results: Pay (Big) […]