New! Growth Strategies Workshop!

New Workshop format introduced by Barnett Strategies gives new companies, new products, and new initiatives access to earlier and faster growth results.

We’re calling it the Growth Results Workshop.

Three years into enabling bigger faster growth for entrepreneurs, Barnett Strategies has expanded our program format. The target audience for the Growth Results Workshop are seed round and early or small A-Round firms. They want professional strategy and execution for marketing and sales but they don’t want to commit just yet to building a larger team. They want market validation and enabling or lighthouse customers. Or more of that…

The workshop format, for now, is executed via Zoom, though we hope to transition to in-person sessions when circumstances allow.

We’re doing these once or twice per month. Typically the sessions are held on consecutive Fridays for 90 minutes each. We’ve built a step-by-step process with some light homework including a five-minute survey, research and problem-solving by the Barnett team, productive meeting agendas, and very actionable deliverables.

The first workshop was held in July and was a big success. So now we’re rolling out. We’ll tackle the top 3-5 challenges in a company’s marketing and sales domain. We’ll iterate off the Success Checklist to generate the right course of action.

Ping us for details or to book a slot, the August sessions are already sold out.