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How to convert a lead into a sale: knowing your audience and asking for a commitment that makes sense


Chris: Today is now and I need this meeting next week and what do I do. There’s a couple of simple little things that are gonna sound like they are obvious table stakes that people don’t really do. I need to meet w/ them face to face, someone who doesn’t know me. Believe it or not, people do not do their homework 95% of the time. They’re reaching out to somebody in the pharmaceutical business with a message about agriculture. They’re worried about just getting as many messages out as they can, getting out as fast as they can and they don’t do their homework. But if you have a message that says based on my research on your company and your role I believe that you would be interested in the following topic and what I have that’s unique about that topic and then you say something that is both unique and believable because it’s hard to have both. If I’m trying to sell you a phone that magnetically levitates above the desk well that’s unique but it’s not believable right. 

The other thing is we talk about the commitment level of your call to action. Do you and your family want to go to the Florida Keys with me for the weekend. Well no, do you want to have dinner on a Friday. I always tell people if you’re proposing a 59 minute in person/on zoom sales call to somebody, you’re asking for a huge commitment from somebody that’s never met you. You have to ask for a small commitment. We have a 1 minute video on our website. I think you might want to look at this. We have an eBook, a PDF just come to our website and look at it. Would you like a free demo, a free trial, would you like to learn more? Instead of saying would you like to stay for dessert on a first date, if you start talking about how many kids we should have that’s just crazy! You shouldn’t do that! Right!? What I always want to see sales professionals doing is having calls to action on a 0-10 scale in terms of commitment and the commitment you are asking for has to correlate to the relationship that you have. And if the relationship is a 1 don’t ask for a 10 level commitment action item.