Threatcare Revolutionizes Breach and Attack Simulations

Today, Threatcare announces the release of the Threatcare App and Threatcare Agent, the latest offerings from the leader in Breach and Attack Simulations.

Threatcare is based in Austin, Texas, and is a venture-backed cybersecurity software and services company.

“Security testing is so challenging for technical professionals focused on security operations that many don’t try it. Breach and attack simulation tools help make security postures more consistent and automated.” – Gartner.

The newly-released Threatcare App can act as a standalone

desktop application that allows organizations to leverage Breach and Attack Simulations and other techniques to test network security, even without an Internet connection.

“We’ve talked to hundreds of cybersecurity practitioners,” founder and CEO, Marcus Carey, says. “The five most common requests we’ve heard are offline testing, custom techniques, endpoint protection testing, custom playbook creation, and integration with the MITRE ATT&CK™ framework. We’ve built all of those into the Threatcare App.”

The Threatcare App is ideal for cybersecurity practitioners, consultants, and penetration testers who need…
  • Fast, comprehensive, and accurate point-in-time Breach and Attack Simulations for network infrastructure
  • An efficient and easy-to-use tool
  • Desktop deployment

The Threatcare Agent is an add-on that provides powerful functionality to the Threatcare App, turning it into a command center with the ability to control

a network of Threatcare Agents. By connecting multiple Threatcare Agents to a single Threatcare App, you can run techniques simultaneously across multiple networks.

The Threatcare Agent, coupled with the powerful Threatcare App, is ideal for cybersecurity executives and teams who need…
  • Continuous visibility and insight into an unlimited number of IT and cloud assets
  • Powerful and flexible enterprise-grade process management, scheduling, and analytics
  • On-premises and cloud deployment

“I like the ease of use it brings to testing and training your security staff and making sure your expensive array of security products is working as expected,” says Ron Gula, co-founder of Tenable.

About Threatcare

Threatcare is the leader in Breach and Attack Simulations. They help progressive technology companies measure the effectiveness of their cybersecurity programs through their software and advisory services. Their real-time insights and actionable recommendations enable companies to secure more faster.

Threatcare founder and CEO, Marcus Carey, started his career in cryptography in the U.S. Navy. He has more than 20 years of experience working in penetration testing, incident response, and digital forensics with federal agencies such as NSA, DC3, DIA, and DARPA.

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